So many patches of cloth and pieces of leather lying around, time to make a quilt!! Creating a quilt will take planning, patience and a steady hand. 

The player who can assemble the most majestic looking and most complete quilt out of all the bits of fabric laying around it will be crowned the winner!

Game Play

Patchwork is a tile-placement / Tetris style game with two players strategically buying patches of fabric to create the best looking / most complete quilt!

Each player takes a quilt board, their progress token and 5 buttons which they will later use as currency to buy more fabric. Shuffle and mix up the 33 patch pieces and after laying the time board in the middle of the table place them around the board in a circle.

After placing the player tokens on the time board, place the leather patch tokens on the corresponding places on the board. Finally place the neutral token to the left of the smallest patch this will show players which patches they can buy!

Unlike a lot of games in patchwork players do necessarily alternate turns, the player whose token is furthest back in the timeline goes first. When both are on the same square the token on top goes first.

On your turn you can either, spend some buttons to buy a patch ( from the 3 pieces in front of the neutral token) or if behind in the timeline you can advance to one square ahead of your opponent collecting buttons equal to the number of squares you progressed.

If you grabbed a patch you place it on the board and advance the number of squares indicated on the piece. If you are still behind you go again, if you are in front the turn moves to the other player.

As you progress around the board you will pass over the leather patch squares and the button icons on the time board. When you pass over a button icon you collect buttons equal to the number of buttons on your quilt, and if you are the first one over a leather square you can collect it and place it on your board (leather patches are bloody hand when trying to patch pesky gaps in your quilt!).

That’s pretty much the game! Continue to collect buttons, place pieces and move along the time board until both player tokens are in the end square. Players can achieve one bonus which is worth 7 buttons, the first player to complete a solid 7x7 square is gifted a special tile worth 7 buttons!

To score the game tally up the number of coins you have left at the end of the game and then subtract 2 points for every empty space on your quilt board, the player with the highest score wins!

Game Information

Patchwork is a 2 player game, we have found rounds generally last 20-30min depending on how much umming and ahhhing you do when laying your patches. It is recommended that players 8+ are best suited to this game however we think that younger players could grasp the concept fairly easily with some guidance.

Final Thoughts

A fun little game for a date night, introducing board games to a friend or playing with the kids, Patchwork is great! With its familiar Tetris style play and easy to follow rules new players are able to pick it up easily, but veteran plays will still come back to it again and again with the challenge the game provides.

While you are certainly competing against an opponent the only strategy which affects them directly is which pieces you select, otherwise it is a game of wits with yourself trying to pre-plan your patch buys and how to best layout them out.

We have had a blast playing Patchwork, and we have played it many times! While I cant seem to best my wife or keep my score out of the negative (yes you can score negatively) I have a great time each time it hits our table. So grab yourself a copy today and piece together great quilts with a friend in Patchwork!

Gamez Knight Founder

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